Frequently asked questions about HQLINE whiteboard marker ink , For those of you who are using or trying HQLINE whiteboard marker refill ink for the first time , here we will review some information regarding troubleshooting (troubleshooting) and frequently asked questions (Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs) regarding the use of markers and ink refills. Repeat it correctly for optimal results.

HQLINE whiteboard Marker Ink Quality Standards

HQLINE whiteboard marker inks are thoroughly formulated so that the ink can be used properly on Snowman BG/BG-12 and Artline 500 whiteboard markers. HQLINE ink be used on every markers,

In addition, HQLINE marker ink has also been tested to comply with the following standards:

  1. Writing is easy to erase, does not leave marks/shadows, and is not dirty when erased on a whiteboard/whiteboard.
  2. The ink does not dry quickly in the marker (as long as the marker is tightly closed after each use).
  3. The particle size / coloring pigment is small, so it doesn’t clog and damage the marker’s eyes
  4. Optimal ink viscosity for easy flow from foam marker to marker tip
  5. Safer for health because it does not contain Toluene and Xylene

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) by first-time users of HQLINE whiteboard marker refill ink
Some of the things we learned from first-time users of HQLINE ink refills are the tendency of users to try ink using old/damaged markers and their eyes have been dry for a long time. Damaged/obsolete markers we mean are markers that have not been used for a long time (5-6 months not used), refilled too often and are not well maintained, or markers whose eyes have been damaged/dry because they forgot to close them after use. , or anything else that might cause marker eye damage.

The use of damaged markers will certainly cause the results of writing on the blackboard and the use of markers that are far from optimal. So we recommend that you always use a suitable marker that you are using regularly to try out our marker refill ink.

Here we provide explanations and solutions regarding questions/things that our first-time users of our whiteboard marker refill ink may experience.

  1. Why does my marker even though it has been filled with a lot of ink, but the ink runs out quickly or dries when I write?

This is because the marker you used when you tried HQLINE ink was actually no longer suitable for use because the markers might have been too dry or damaged, or the ink in the foam had evaporated a lot because the marker had not been used for too long. (5-6 months), or your marker has been refilled more than 30 times too often, and the foam inside is too full of pigment ink so that it is no longer suitable for use.

If you use a marker with dry/damaged markers , the ink that has been filled into the marker will only flow a little even though you fill in a lot of ink. This is because dry markers will block the flow of ink, so it seems that the ink dries quickly or runs out quickly.

If the foam inside the marker is already too full of ink particles, or full of thick ink residue due to evaporation, this will also cause the flow of the newly filled ink to be blocked, and it will appear that the ink dries quickly or runs out quickly.

Each marker will definitely have its own service life. The average lifespan of a new marker is about 3-6 months (depending on the type of marker) if it is used properly, regularly, and regularly.

Use a new marker, or at the very least, use a decent marker that you are currently using on a regular basis. Markers that are still suitable for use will not hinder the flow of ink, so the use of refilled ink for writing and erasing will be efficient and optimal.

  1. Why is the writing on the whiteboard/whiteboard hard to erase?.

If you experience this the first time you use our ink, and the writing is difficult to erase, this is because your marker may have not been used for too long (5-6 months) and the ink that was previously in the marker has evaporated and become a bit thick.

When filled again with new ink, the ink that has thickened in the marker will flow first, and the ink that comes out the first time you write is the remaining thick ink that was previously in the marker.

The thick ink that first flows when you write on the blackboard will usually be very thick / thick and will be slightly erased, a bit dirty, and leave a few spots when erased.

If the marker you are using has not been used for 5-6 months, use HQLINE whiteboard refill ink to rinse and remove the thick ink in the marker in the following easy way.

Fill your marker to the brim and allow the ink to start dripping for 10-15 seconds. This will rinse the thick ink that was already in your marker before so that the writing on the whiteboard will be easily erased and not dirty on the whiteboard.

Our inks are formulated and thoroughly tested to be easy to remove, even after 1-2 months. You will be able to test this yourself after you refill your marker with our ink at least for the second or third time. If your marker has been refilled two or three times in a row with HQLINE ink, then the ink that flows out is now pure HQLINE ink.

We believe that at this time, the ink that has been written on your whiteboard will be very easy to remove (as long as your whiteboard is still usable and not damaged by cleaning it too often using Thinner)

  1. My marker has run out of ink, if I write it on the blackboard, no ink comes out. But when I filled it with new ink, even if it was only a little, the ink immediately spilled out, even though I only filled it a little. why is this the cause?

Explanation :

-This is a sign that your marker has been used or refilled too often, and the foam inside is probably too full of pigment ink. Usually the markers only have a service life of about 5-6 months or can only be refilled up to 25-30 times. (assuming neat use, and the marker cap is always attached after use).

If you refill the marker with foam that is already filled with this ink pigment, the ink that is refilled into this marker will not flow properly, and tends to accumulate in the ink reservoir foam inside the marker.

Because the ink cannot flow smoothly, when it is used, only a little ink can come out and this will give the user the impression that the marker ink has run out, even though the marker foam is actually still very full of ink. And if you fill it further (even if only a little), the foam inside the marker will no longer be able to hold the new ink, and the ink will start to spill out.

Solution: If the marker has been refilled too often, or has been used for more than 5-6 months, and you experience an incident like this, it’s time to replace your marker with a new marker for optimal results and so that it doesn’t waste ink.

-Or it could be that your markers are completely dry because they have been in use for too long, or you forgot to close them after using them for a long time. If the marker is dry and damaged, the ink will no longer be able to flow out through the marker, even though there is still a lot of ink in the foam. So even if it is filled with only a little ink, the ink will immediately overflow (overflow) out of the cavity around the marker’s eye.

Solution :
If the markers you are using are dry, don’t use them to fill them with new ink, because the ink will not be able to flow out anymore. This will actually be wasteful because the ink that has just been filled in will also not be able to flow out of the marker. Replace a new marker if you experience this problem.

  1. Why is the writing on the whiteboard dirty/leaving traces or shadows when deleted?

For users who are used to using our ink regularly, know that HQLINE ink does not leave traces or shadows on the blackboard.

However, traces or shadows when deleting this can usually still occur due to the following 3 reasons:

-The quality of the whiteboard you are using is not optimal and is not intended for whiteboard surfaces . There are many types and brands of whiteboards on the market, and the prices also vary greatly depending on the quality of the whiteboard surface material. Whiteboards that are too cheap usually don’t have a good melamine coating, so there is a tendency for the ink to leave a shadow when erased.

Solution: Research and research the quality of your whiteboard brand before buying. Bring your marker that has been filled with ink, and try to directly test writing and erasing on the whiteboard, make sure your whiteboard surface is of good quality, and does not leave traces / shadows / ghosting on the whiteboard

-It is possible that your whiteboard / whiteboard is often cleaned with liquid thinner . The thinner liquid will dissolve and erode the surface of your whiteboard Melamine which functions so that the whiteboard ink is easily erased and leaves no traces.

The board that has been cleaned frequently with thinner will slowly erode the melamine layer, and after 1-2 cleanings, the whiteboard ink will leave traces/shadows after being erased. Even if it’s been cleaned too often using Thinner (5-6 times), the whiteboard ink writing on your whiteboard will also be difficult to erase, because it’s possible that the melamine layer on your whiteboard has been completely eroded.

Solutions and prevention: NEVER CLEAN YOUR WHITEBOARD WITH THINNER LIQUID. If your whiteboard has often been cleaned with thinner, and whiteboard ink is often traced, it’s time for you to consider replacing your whiteboard.

-Sometimes there are shadows or traces of ink on the whiteboard when erasing, it can also be because your whiteboard eraser is too dirty because it is often used and rarely cleaned . So when used to erase, the dirt from the whiteboard eraser can come back to contaminate your board.

Solution:Take a clean dry cloth, and use the clean cloth to clean the dirt from the whiteboard eraser by pressing the clean cloth against the side that was used to remove from your whiteboard eraser 4-5 times. If your eraser is too dirty, maybe it’s time to replace it with a new one

  1. Why does my marker fit filled with HQLINE ink, a clear liquid comes out which I can’t write
    This is because the marker you are using does not comply with the provisions of HQLINE refill ink. HQLINE ink can only be used for Snowman BG-12 and ARtline 500 markers. Ink that does not match the marker will damage the marker due to the difference in chemical compounds between HQLINE ink and the original ink already in the marker.

Solutions and Prevention: Read the instructions for use on the product label carefully before using. Make sure your markers are appropriate.
Read more on our blog about the different ink solvents used in various markers

6 . Why is the ink in large packaging bottles (500 ml or 1 liter), if it has been left for a while or not in use (for 3-4 weeks), and when used, sometimes the color is less dense?

Explanation :
That’s because whiteboard ink is in large packages, naturally there will always be a slight gradation / color difference during storage because the dye is made from coloring pigment powder. The difference in density between coloring pigments and chemical solvents accompanied by gravity will always make color gradations in liter bottles.

Solution: lightly shake the ink in a large 1 liter package before use, so that the color is even and uniform again. Read more about how to handle and use ink in liter containers properly

Finally, here are some suggestions and tips for optimal use of your refilled ink markers:

  1. Make sure the markers you use are in accordance with the provisions of the marker refill ink
  2. DO NOT USE old markers to try out marker refill ink.

HQLINE Whiteboard marker refill ink

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