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  1. Prof. dr. Gregor van der Burght

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    Between the years 1986 en 1993 I had the honour of lecturing several times at you faculty in the framework of Bekerjasama Indonesia-Belanda tentang Hukum, of which program I was the Dutch manager. The Indonesian manager was Ibu professor Emmy Pangaribuan (GAMA). I worked together with among others Ibu Vonny Supriadi, prof. dr. Johannes Gunawan, Ibu Prof Agnes Toar, Ibu Lely Niwan, Ibu Ati Abbas, S.H. (UNHAS), Prof. Dr. Sudikno Mertokusumo SH.
    My lectures concerned law of obligations and contract law; product liability and inheritance law and matrimonial property law.
    I had the privilege to be of counsel and external examiner for the promotion to doctor of law of Professor dr. Johannes Gunawan.
    The last time I lectured at you faculty was in 2006 to give trainings on Mediation for lawyers and judges.

    May I take the liberty to ask you a legal question?
    Would you please be so kind to forward the following question to one of the lecture in Private Law of the Faculty of Law.
    It concerns the legal consequences of the agreement to divide the matrimonial estate after divorce.
    According to the Dutch “zakenrecht” (civil code until 1992)) the agreement to divide was decisive for the ownership.: just by virtue of the agreement of division.
    That is: once the parties had agreed on the fact that f.i. the house would be the property of de woman and the stock the property of the man, that agreement had a so called “declatorial” effect; it designated the ownership: the woman respectively the man became as of the moment of the agreement the sole owner of the respective goods. So even when it was real estate
    This rule applied also to the division of an inheritance: by virtue of the agreement of division the heirs was decisive who will be the sole owners of which property.

    When I lectured in Indonesia that kind of ‘zakenrecht’ was still in force.
    My question is whether this system is still in force nowadays in Indonesia,

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. notarisdanppat

      Dear Mr Gregor ,
      Thank You for your letter here, but unfortunately we have no anwer for your case, because we are in Bandung, that cannot follow up your case

      thank you team

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